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Tropical Evening

Tropical Evening

SKU: CB002

Tropical Evening was written as a piece for the young band that reminded me of the ocean shoreline at night in the tropics.  You can imagine with this calypso beat, people celebrating and mingling amongst each other under a warm breeze and tiki lights. The song begins with multiple percussion parts and advanced sixteenth note rhythms. Although difficult at first, the rhythms are repetitive and once learned, the percussion section will gain confidence. Help the percussion to not just play the repetitive rhythms, but to become a cohesive section that performs a “groove”, working together to perform a solid beat. The melodic ideas start simple in the bass, clarinets and oboe, but as the full melody comes in in measure 17, the rhythms again get more complex. At measure 37, check that the trombones and baritone rhythm is accurate. If you need to double with French horns or tenor woodwinds, you may do so. Remember that it is a background layer still! The percussion soli at measure 53 is a chance for the whole group to shine. Add clapping, celebration noises or extra players playing the percussion parts, let the band have fun! 

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