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Contact RokRoll Music

I welcome the opportunity to hear from you about inquiries, ideas, commissioning, ordering questions and other general discussions. Please fill out the contact form and a response will follow.

60315 Creekside Ct.

Washington, Mi. 48094

Individual or Ensemble Commissioning

Being involved in commissioning a new work is such an exciting process! Being able to work directly with the artist to collaborate on the design, subject, difficulty and other parameters of the piece allows your voice to be heard through the work. If there are special considerations, or limitations of the ensemble, or of the performance, those can be considered also. Commissioning is not just patronizing art but making the connection for your students and community to the artist and the creation process. I welcome the opportunity to work with you, the musicians and the community. If you are interested in commissioning a work, please contact me directly.

Consortium Commissioning

This is a newer way of getting involved in the commissioning process and being able to share the cost with other schools, or patrons. All schools/patrons involved get a copy of the music to perform at their own schedule and the rights to make necessary copies for their ensemble. All school/patrons will have their names recognized in the score and opportunities to work with me, increasing the exposure of the process to even more musicians and communities. Most importantly, commissioning works through a consortia allows the maximum number of performers to participate in a greater process and expand their appreciation of the arts. If you are interested in a consortia, please contact me for details of agreements and payment.

Contact RokRoll Music:

Thanks for your message. I will contact you soon.

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