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New beginnings

Welcome to my website and a new endeavor of my life! In my info, you will see I was educated as a performer, a composer and an educator. I spent the last 34 years educating students at the middle and high school levels, passing on my passion for music and learning new things along the way myself. I also juggled, like many of us, the hats of being a husband, father, home and pet owner, musician, composer, coach for four sports and being involved with multiple communities for music teachers, the school community and leadership. Whew! … I was getting tired trying to keep up with myself…..These years have given me a breadth of experiences and knowledge and I am excited to pass this along through the music I create. I hope you enjoy the music and the opportunity to connect with me.



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Check In

Well, six months have gone by and I am now up to 18 pieces! The library will continue to grow, not only with band and orchestra pieces, but with solo and ensemble works and eventually jazz band pieces


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