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Precious Life

Precious Life

SKU: CB001

This composition Precious Life has special meaning because it was requested by the family of a student of mine, who was killed on the way home from school. The tragedy was the first of many national tragedies involving students and guns that spring.  The composition is a variation and theme (a little twist) based on the hymn I am the Bread of Life, a common communion or Easter hymn, that was performed at the funeral. The request was for an upbeat tune, since the student was a very active person, but the one aleatoric variation was my interjection about student violence.  I hope the students enjoy the fast pace and the accented eighth note accompaniment under the melody in the main section. The obligato flute melody is the augmented version playing over the top of the quick paced section. The melody is finally used in the original form as a solemn flute solo before the recap and exciting finish. 

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