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Siberian Rush

Siberian Rush

SKU: OR001

Siberian Rush was written in August 2018 as I was renewing my love of school orchestras. My hope was to write an exciting fun piece for beginning students to start their love of music and strings. My days of performing all varieties of music included jazz, classical, Motown, techno and rock and so, I wanted to bring this energy to the song (I could even imagine writing an electric guitar part into this piece). Let the bass be strong when they enter on the low E creating a pedal point for the other instruments. The eighth notes create a busyness to represent the fast pace of our lives these days, make them drive towards the ends of each phrase. I did not indicate bow markings, but the intention is to have strong downbows at the start of phrases and the ending. I hope you and your students enjoy this lively work and can find the fun and energy in all of your musical lives. 

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